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A Cop-Out, Shout-Out

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Hey guys. It's been a little while. It's been a bit of a rough ride for me over the past few weeks, and unfortunately I've simply not had the motivation to do much more than simply exist. I think it's safe to say that 2020 hasn't been anyone's "year" for the most part. But, I'm bouncing back from it and I'm feeling a little more positive about things. I've got a few new drafts in the pipeline, and I'm about to start a new job which I'm excited for.

To somewhat make up for the sparse new content around here, I thought I'd sort of cheat and make a post to shout out a few friends and co-bloggers and their own blog spaces. And in the world of "influencers", exposure is everything, right? So I figured I'd use my vast, worldwide audience (right?!) to hopefully give each of these sites a little shout out and give you something to dig your teeth into to make up for the content drought over here.

You can just pay me back whenever, guys.

Technically Funny

Technically Funny is an excellent tech blog site owned by my friend Sikander, who, in his own words, explained the reasoning behind the site's name: "Our reviews and articles were always tinged with humour... Basically we think we are hilarious and we love tech". Checks out. The site was founded in 2011 but went on hiatus, but is back in full force in 2020. There's a lot of exciting things going on in the world of tech and gaming at the moment, and you can't go wrong with Technically Funny as an up-to-date source for all the goings on. If you're remotely into gaming, movies, smartphones and general tech news, check it out. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram.


Laura's excellent blog, It's Character Building, is a personal blog that offers both great amusement and insight in equal measure. Ranging from deep dives into mental health to personal anecdotes from the "fucked up" world of modern dating (her words, not mine) - her writing is refreshingly honest and genuine. I understand that It's Character Building as it currently stands is on hold, but there's a great backlog of posts to get stuck into, and she now has a Patreon under the same name if her work interests you! I also only just realised that her blog logo isn't just a random scribble, but in fact - her name. I'm an idiot.


Ben's blog may only be in its infancy, but I can already tell from the conversational tone and topics that are close to his heart that this is going to be an interesting one to follow. His posts read like he is speaking directly at you - frequents asides such as "That's right! You did read that correctly...Brackley to London?! Yes, it's true! You could get a train from Brackley to London!" remind us that this was indeed written by a human being, and it often feels like Ben is talking directly at you through the way he types. In fact, he's even recorded transcripts of his blogs so far, if you're less inclined to read the whole pieces through. One to watch for sure.

Little Grey Cels

Another case of quality over quantity over at Little Grey Cels. My friend Anton is possibly the world's biggest advocate of the superiority of the second dimension over the third, and his insightful pieces on animation almost convince me that he is right. In his own words, in the world of animation, "If you can imagine it, you can animate it". He gives compelling arguments as to the benefits of the medium, as well as the influences that anime and animation have had on big budget western cinema. Much like Ben's, this blog is one to keep an eye out for.


Tech blogging and poetry. Not a combination that you'd necessarily expect to go together, but then some crazy fool decided that pineapple belonged on pizza, and that turned out to be a huge success. Part personal portfolio, part blog, STUTS is the internet home of my good friend Stu. I understand that the site itself is currently part way through a revamp, but personally I am already digging the "dark-mode" colour scheme and the minimalist style.

...And hey - the site's name is a palindrome, so that's pretty neat.

Right. Hopefully that's enough to distract you guys from the lack of new content around here until next week...! Stay tuned for exciting new content coming very soon.

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