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Commentary Cemetery v2.0

Not much of a real post I'm afraid - just an announcement that the site has undergone a few changes.

So, what's new?

Welcome/Landing Page

We've now got a swanky new Welcome page, with a spooky new illustration for the site. (I say "we" because it makes me feel more important. I can't stress enough, though, that this site is mine and mine ALONE.)

Links Page

I've now added a Links page to the site, and the link should be visible on the navigation bar for web users. It points to the websites and blogs of some of my pals, so I hope you take a minute to check them out for yourself.

Mobile Site Upgrade - Navigation Bar

It only recently occurred to me that the desktop site navigation bar was entirely absent on the mobile version of Commentary Cemetery. And seeing as the majority of my views are actually from mobile users, I thought I should amend this. There's now a navigation bar at the bottom of the page across the site, which will let you access the About page, and Links page, and return to the homepage too. I have neglected the mobile version of the site, as I'm a desktop purist/snob, but I will try to remain committed to ensuring that the mobile version is functional and pretty too.

Desktop Site Visual Updates

The desktop site has had a number of small graphical changes, which should hopefully give it a slightly more polished look:

  • Fixed the cropped ghost icon. The very left couple of rows of pixels of the site mascot on the header were cropped off for some reason, but I've now fixed him. (Clicking on him also takes you back to the Welcome page!)

  • Added a very visually pleasing, and hopefully not too distracting, animated background. I recently discovered that Wix supports video backgrounds, so I thought I'd give it a go and try to make it fit in with the site's overall feel whilst giving it a slightly more dynamic look.

  • Made minor amendments to the banner at the top of the page, including recolouring the background, extending the red navigation strip across the entire width of the site, up to ultrawide resolution (2560×1080 - sorry 4K club), moved the RSS button into the navigation strip... all small changes, but I hope you'll agree that it's all just that bit neater now.

Blog Labels

I realised I'd been a bit sloppy with my categorising of blog posts, so I've not only gone through and assigned labels to some previously un-categorised posts, but also added a new one; "Site", specifically reserved for site update posts. Kinda like this one.

That's about it for this one. Welcome back to the slightly shinier Commentary Cemetery.

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