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Not Addressing The Elephant In The Room

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

I'm sure everyone is sick to death of their news feed at the moment; I know I am. So, instead of giving you a lecture on staying safe or speculating the outcome of the next few weeks, I am going to hopefully give you a momentary breather from the current state of affairs.

Not a very long post today, apologies. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by doom and gloom at present, and the elephant in the room is casting a rather large shadow over everything. And rightly so, to an extent. It's important to stay updated and stay safe, sure, but I've combed through a few pieces of recent uplifting news that you may well have missed:

Blue Whales Return To Antarctica 08/03/20

The Blue Whale is the largest animal alive today, reaching up to a whopping 30 metres in length and weighing up to 100 tons. Their population was crippled during the 20th Century by hunting, and despite being outlawed in the 1960s, illegal whaling was still carried out until the early 70s. It is estimated that 97% of the Blue Whale population was wiped out. However, a remarkable recovery appears to have occurred, with researchers on a mission to the island of South Georgia near Antarctica recording a total of 55 Blue Whales, after only a single sighting in 2018.

Stem Cell Transplant Cures 2nd Person of HIV 11/03/20

This landmark case comes 13 years after the first case where a HIV patient has been successfully cured. Although a widespread cure is still not available, this is another huge step forward and absolutely worth celebrating.

Games Industry Raises Over $4.5M for Aus Bushfire Relief 12/03/20

That's right. The games industry, which is frequently in newspaper headlines being blamed for spreading violence, extremism and hatred. 12 different initiatives including the Call of Duty Outback Relief DLC and Humble Indie Bundle managed to raise an outstanding amount of money which went towards charities and emergency services following the bushfires that spread across the country.

Lithuania Leads The Way In Recycling 07/03/20

The small European country has reached a milestone 91.9% recycling rate for bottles and cans, and is fast moving towards being able to seamlessly recycle these items into 'identical successors'. This is being done primarily by installing 'reverse vending machines', which reimburse bottle/can donors with money off purchases in grocery stores as a means of encouraging good recycling practices. I really wish something similar would be implemented in the UK!

And last but not least... at the time of writing, almost 84,500 people have recovered and been discharged after contracting COVI-- the elephant in the room. Remember, for every death that is being reported, around 10 people will fully recover. Good news just isn't circulated or celebrated anywhere near as widely as it should be.

Stay safe, and be kind.

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