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OK, I Messed Up

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Yep. Go on - say "I told you so". Laugh at me for failing to stick at it.

I didn't publish any new entries for 46 days. You could say it's like a ghost town in here! (That was my first reference to the fact that this blog is vaguely ghost-themed. Give me this one joke please.) I had a couple of drafts lined up as a "year in review" of the albums, films and games that I enjoyed in 2019 but I guess Christmas, New Year and procrastination all got in the way. And then suddenly it was 2020, and I kept leaving it later and later to work on the articles I was writing, and... well. Here we are.

I haven't set myself any New Year's Resolutions as such, but I am trying to make a conscious effort to both read and write more. For someone who supposedly loves English - and studied it at University - I seem to dedicate precious little of my energy towards it. So, I've purchased some new books that I fancied, and I am owning my apathy towards blogging of late. I am apologising to my reader(s) here and now for my rubbish behaviour, and I am striving to be better.

I have new drafts on the horizon. With this short entry published; I have broken the spell. I can now continue the endeavours of Commentary Cemetery. I didn't want to set a specific release schedule for new content, but maybe the rigidity of that routine will help and inspire me to actually keep it up. I think releasing new entries on a Wednesday will work well.

So, stay tuned for more - very soon. Like, sooner than 46 days soon.

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