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This entry is a special collaboration between CommentaryCemetery & Benjamin Andrew95. If you'd like to check out his version of the article, as well as his other blog entries, please head over and take a look!

This one is a little bit different, in that it has actually been compiled together as a PDF to look like an old magazine pullout. Wix has its own built-in PDF viewer so hopefully you can peruse it just fine through that below, but if not you can always click here, or download the PDF.

Download PDF • 8.21MB

It was a lot of fun working on this little collaboration with Ben. We're both retro enthusiasts, and classic Nintendo nuts (if that wasn't incredibly obvious from the subject matter in the piece). We wanted to create something visually akin to the old gaming and tech magazines of the late '90s and early '00s, and both decided on our topics of choice together. We took a load of photos, and started on our respective "spotlight" pieces on a shared doc. I then compiled it all together into the retro magazine pull-out style. I think we both have two distinctive writing styles that end up complimenting each other, providing a nice novelty when spliced together like we've done here. Even if I hadn't noted who had written which segment, I think it would be easy to tell whose was whose.

We've tried to keep it fairly conversational and light in tone as to not be overwhelming, and to offer insight to even the most casual layman. Please let us know if you enjoyed our Retro-Spective; we had a great time working on it and it may be something we do more of in the future.

Until next time!

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