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...Spoke Too Soon.

"I'm incredibly grateful to be in the fortunate position to say that COVID-19's direct impact on my life and those around me has been fairly minimal" - Stupid, Foolish, Past Elliott, a mere few weeks ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep on shouting from the rooftops about how lucky you are, Ghost of Elliott's of COVID-past. You... gloating bastard.

I was made to self-isolate again last week. With everything back open again and the sun shini-- well, let's not lie, the weather's been all over the place. Regardless, all I wanted to do was to leave my flat. Lord knows I've already spent more than enough time here for one lifetime. But, as bad as self-isolation is - being housebound was soon to be the least of my concerns.

Two days in, I began experiencing what I can only describe as a hideous, abominable cocktail of symptoms. I can confirm that COVID is indeed every bit as horrible as it has been made out to be; and I'm half-vaccinated and in my 20s. I can only imagine how much more serious it could have been for someone under different parameters.

I don't really have a lot more to say, other than to please, please still practise caution. 'Freedom Day' may have come and gone, but the 'rona has not. If you are pinged to self-isolate, do it. I know, it's not 'cool', it's boring as hell, and it might mean that you miss a few shifts at work, but if it means that you cut down on even one single transmission of this horrible virus, then I'd say it will have been worth it. You'd be potentially saving someone a world of pain, or worse.

I'll try and write about something more fun (and substantial) soon. Just had this on my mind over the last few days while my eyes glazed over watching Netflix in my sweaty, bed-bound state. I'd almost forgotten what being ill was like, having played it incredibly safe for the past 18 months, but this was very much an unwelcome reminder. Thankfully, I'm seemingly on the mend now - but I would not recommend the experience for anyone. 0/5. Won't be coming back there again.

To speak too soon - idiom

To say something that is soon negated or contradicted. This phrase is usually used in the past tense, as the negating factor has already happened.

...You absolute idiom.

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